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ADA Compliance for Dummies: 3 Things You Must Know When Moving into a New Space

Moving into a new building? Ace Sign has you covered with everything you need to help your customers, guests and employees safely navigate your space.

$75,000. Let that sink in. Americans with Disabilities Act (or ADA) noncompliance fines can be devastating to organizations. Ensuring you’re compliant with ADA before opening your new doors is a sure way to avoid any fines or penalties from local, state and federal authorities. Know these three things before you move into a new space or open a new location for the first time:

  • Potential fines and penalties
  • Indicate location and information
  • Structures

Potential ADA Fines & Penalties

In addition to massive six-figure fines for being noncompliant under the Americans with Disabilities Act, you can also suffer local and state penalties that close your business. Yikes!

Those that can’t access or safely navigate your physical space have the opportunity to sue your organization. Adding on court and legal fees to the mounting financial impact of ADA noncompliance.

Apart from monetary penalties imposed on your small business or institution, your reputation may suffer. In today’s digital age, all it takes is a single criticism to go viral and threaten your business – practically over night. We’ve all seen it before.

If you knowingly commit an ADA violation, you personally can even face jail time and fines.

But take a deep breath. Remaining compliant is easier than ever before. With small, inexpensive tweaks you can make to your physical space, you’ll be good to go in no time. Connect with the accessibility experts at Ace Sign to make sure your branded signs are up to par – fast

ADA Compliance with Signs

Our bread and butter! Ace Sign has over 25 years’ experience serving small businesses, large schools and hospitals, and university systems and multi-facility organizations across the Midwest.

Sure, you can cover the basics with standard, unbranded signs. But you have the opportunity to go above and beyond and make your customers and guests feel welcome in your physical space. Branded signs have the power to accentuate your company look and feel. And provide a safe and secure environment for all. 

Signs do so much more than just identifying locations and information. They empower your customers, employees and guests to see your brand in a whole new way. A helpful guide throughout their day.

Some signs that you might consider for your space – indoor and outdoor – are the following:

  • ADA signs
  • Digital graphics
  • Dimensional letters and logos
  • Electronic message centers
  • Placards and plaques
  • Traffic and directional signs
  • Site identification signs (illuminated and non-illuminated)
  • Wayfinding and informational signs

See the full suite of signs your building, office or space may need here.

ADA Compliance with Structures

The full text of the Act (here) outlines specific requirements for signage, doorways, bathroom stalls, ramps, fountains and many more facets of your physical space. However, if your building was constructed or if you moved in before the ADA was passed in 1990, you need not worry. All older buildings are grandfathered into the regulation.

But because society’s standards and norms have changed over time, you may want to consider adding ADA structures. To provide a safe, secure setting inclusive of all people and abilities.

As you move into your new location or space, remember these three things: The ADA is all-encompassing and doesn’t tread lightly – $75,000 fines are no joke. Signs not only direct your customers and guests around your space but they also provide a safe, secure place for people of all abilities. And finally, to be fully compliant, you must include additional accessible structures to help those with disabilities navigate your space.

Get started with your ADA signs with the help of the Ace Sign team. Get your free design and quote here.

ADA Compliance for Dummies: 3 Things You Must Know When Moving into a New Space